This site is designed to welcome all practitioners of "open style" and "sport" karate to learn and add Olympic Style karate, kobudo and kumite to your training and competiton.  There are many rating organizations for open competition.  Some of the biggest include NASKA, NBL, SKIL, and KRANE, etc.  Each organization produces outstanding athletes.  Olympic style is less gymnastic in nature, derived from combat and yet as demanding.  Since karate has been fully admitted into Olympic competition, we are dedicated to helping karate students and teachers learn the rules and make the transition with least amount of stress.


Master Dennis Brown, world-renowned martial artist has confirmed the following:


Black Belt Adult Kumite 1st Place winner = $100


Black Belt Adult Kata 1st Place winner = $100


Both now can compete for the Grand Championships on Saturday night.


Look forward to you winning the money! 

Our sister dojo in Missouri City, Tx (outside Houston) is working to build up Olympic style training centers in Texas and to build up AAU/NKF in the area.  Watch this space for listings of affiliated tournaments and training events.  Congratulations on Ricardo Johns being named "Soke" and promoted to 10th Dan/


You are never to old to learn!
August 9/10, 2019




National Harbor, MD 
AUGUST 9-10, 2019

Panama City, Panama:  we have supported a charitable outreach in Panama for years and are working on establishing the Dai Ichi Shorin Ryu/Shotokan Hombu Dojo in country.  This should be open in the next two months. Olympic style karate now has over 100 children training!


Dai Ichi Shotokan, Inc. will be conducting a training camp in June & July in Houston, TX, Richmond, VA and New York City.  Watch this site (www.olympicstylekarate.com) for more info.

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